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PDI Aneel Project - Condominium Commercializer

This project, the result of R&D ANEEL PD-0064-1069/2022, which is being continued by R&D PD-0064-1074/2024, aims to deliver the benefits of a professionally managed shared energy portfolio to electricity generators. in the Free Contracting Environment.

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Inspired by investment funds in the financial market, this condominium of generators is capable of delivering transparency, equity between shareholders, budget forecasting, alignment of interests, greater security, diversification and professional management for its energy volumes just like a large supplier, the which results in a higher average selling price per MWh.

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During the first phase of the project, we developed the methodology and put it into practice via a shadow portfolio managed by the proponent's operations desk, with the aim of validating the proposed model. In the current phase, the project is developing the systems and improving the business model, so that at the end of the project in 2025, the electricity market will have a cutting-edge alternative aligned with its interests, for the sale of its energy contracts in the free market.

The generator participates in the entire benefit of a trading house.

Far beyond a traditional supplier, the generator can now choose another option on the market.

G are Professional:

  • It is not the generator who does the job of selling at the best time, but rather a professional team structured for this, the portfolio manager. The manager's role is to work for the portfolio's results. ​

  • The bulk of your remuneration is only paid if the portfolio's performance exceeds the performance of the benchmark, therefore, the manager only wins if the shareholders also win.

Diversified Portfolio Management:

  • Diversifying energy allocation is important to increase the chances of gains and dilute portfolio risks. After all, when the generator allocates energy to the portfolio, it will share this portfolio with several other generators, from different sources, contributing to risk mitigation.​

  • If the generator has contracts concentrated in one or two suppliers, for example, in addition to having intrinsic seasonal limitations on its source, if these institutions suffer financial problems, its entire revenue strategy will be at risk.

Easy Tracking:

  • It will not be necessary for the shareholder's team to be in detail about the market, as profitability will be reported daily. This way, the time spent by the team on managing the generation portfolio itself can be optimized. ​

  • In addition to daily monitoring, the shareholder will have monthly meetings with the manager regarding market trends.

Market Security:

  • All operations follow market standards, being registered with the CCEE. Portfolio management possibilities follow the rules and limits established in the regulations. All operations will be audited.

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