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We are specialists in the development and execution of PDI ANEEL projects.

Início: Bem-vindo

PDI ANEEL Comercializadora Condominium. AES Brazil.

PDI ANEEL Market Security. CTG Brazil.

BTG private project.

What we do

We develop and execute ANEEL PDI projects with commercial applicability and with the best KRs scores. Following PEQui standards.

Navarra Venture Builder

Using the venture capital market business model, called Venture Building, we monitor new businesses from the formation of the challenge to the commercialization of the product. Revolutionizing the process of transforming an idea into an operating company, which delivers applied commercial applications, through PDI Aneel.


Transform the energy market via ANEEL PDI projects.

Image by Mohammad Alizade

Let's take a step towards modernizing the market together?

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