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Revolutionize Risk Management in Energy Trading

Maximize efficiency and security in risk management in the electricity market. Our innovative solution offers accurate and fast analysis, significantly reducing assessment time and the risk of human error.

Explore how our platform with integrated modules, from Web-Scrapper to detailed analytics and automated reports, can transform how your company trades in the free energy market.

Prepare for the new era of energy trading with technology and market intelligence.

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Web - Scrapper
  • Functionality: Automates the collection of essential data from various sources such as CCEE, ANEEL, Federal Revenue and Jusbrasil.

  • Frequency: Configurable for daily, weekly, monthly, annual or on-demand operations.

  • Monitoring: Continuous supervision through Airflow, allowing monitoring of recent searches and error detection.

Data base
  • Secure Storage: All collected data is stored in a secure and structured way.

  • Analysis and Insights: Facilitates the generation of reports and the calculation of agents’ credit ratings.

Web Platform
  • Intuitive Interface: Easy consultation of CNPJs on Mercado Livre, visualization of economic groups, credit ratings and key metrics.

  • Data Visualization: Interactive graphs and tables showing debt, net profit, CCEE consumption, among others.

Automated PDF Reading
  • Import of Balance Sheets: Automatic reading and processing of financial statements in PDF.

  • Validation and Learning: Manual data corrections are used to continually improve the reading algorithm.


Agility in Analysis: Dramatic reduction in the time required for initial risk assessment, increasing operational efficiency.

Minimizing Human Errors: Automating data collection and analysis significantly reduces the possibility of errors.

More Informed Decisions: Access to detailed and updated information enables a better assessment of risks and opportunities.

Market Adaptability: Preparation for the dynamics of the free energy market, quickly adapting to changes and new regulations.

Integrated Vision: A holistic view of the market and the agents involved, facilitating more assertive strategies.

How it works?


User accesses the web platform and logs in or creates a new account.


In the platform interface, the user enters the CNPJ of a Mercado Livre de Energia company to start the analysis.


The user can view the company's credit rating and various financial and operational metrics, such as debt, net profit, consumption and exposure in the CCEE.


The user uploads the company's financial statement in PDF format. The platform processes the document, extracting and presenting the relevant data.


The user checks the data extracted from the balance sheet, making manual adjustments if necessary, which contributes to the continuous improvement of the PDF reading algorithm.


Based on the new data, the platform updates the company's rating.

The user can generate detailed reports with the analyzes carried out.

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