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Specialists in the development of solutions for the Brazilian energy trading market.

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Navarra Technologies

Navarra is a fintech that operates in the Brazilian electricity market with a specialized and multidisciplinary team in finance, electricity and software development.


We bring our background in developing cutting-edge technology in the financial market, we bring this expertise to the energy market. Our operations extend to digital services for large companies in the sector, such as Engie, Auren, AES Brasil and CTG. Furthermore, we are dedicated to developing research for large groups within the scope of PDI Aneel.


Our solutions are developed based on our international experience, driven by renowned acceleration programs such as Techstars, the second best accelerator in the world, and Darwin, voted the best accelerator in Brazil for four consecutive years.


Applying financial and electricity trading technology to the standards of the main global commodities.

Navarra Energy Risk

Credit analysis platform for counterparty via automatic PDF reading

Navarra Trader

Mapping and managing your trading desk platform.

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